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It was a less than stellar week for Zayn Malik. I feel bad for him. Something is wrong.

The former One Direction singer released a new album last week called “Nobody is Listening.” And no one was. The album peaked at number 22 on iTunes. Tonight, it’s number 119.

“Nobody is Listening” sold about 3,600 downloads and CDs. With streaming, mostly of one single, the total was 14,000. It debuted on the Hits Daily Double weekly chart at number 37.

When Zayn left One Direction there was lot of hoopla. He had a fairly successful solo single and album. He had a massive hit with Taylor Swift, the theme to one of the “50 Shades of Grey” movies.

Zayn could have gone the R&B pop route and done quite well. Instead, his releases were substandard. The videos verged on porn and weren’t workable in the mainstream. His manager dropped him. It’s unclear if he has a manager now.

One Direction has basically produced one star, Harry Styles, a couple of pleasant troubadours, and Zayn. Maybe this failure will convince him to listen to professional advice. Who knows?

Here’s his new video. It’s called, appropriately, “Calamity.”


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