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There was an inaugural celebration on television last from 8:30pm to 10pm. It was literally on every broadcast and cable outlet except one: Fox News and Fox affiliate stations. The later showed The Masked Dancer.

Fox, still owned by Rupert Murdoch, is floundering in the ratings. They don’t know what to do. Their main purpose is under attack. With revenue declining, they laid off 20 people from Fox News.com.

On the Fox News home page, they’re doubling down on trying to attract the right wing, ultra conservative who still believe Trump won the election. They’re promoting Antifa, an “organization” that doesn’t actually exist.

The main headline reads: “Left Wing Insurrection: Unrest explodes across West as Biden sworn-in; clashes with police, attack on Dem Party offices”

All the sub heads are anti-Biden. There’s a sub story headline that’s really LOL: “CNN exec roasted for declaring Biden’s inauguration fireworks ‘inspire our friends and shake our foes’..” Hey Rupert: that’s exactly what the fireworks did.

Meantime, Trump tried to scare his followers that the stock market would collapse once he was removed. Instead, the market zoomed up yesterday and has stayed up today.

Rupert, you old man, wake up. Or let your sons take over. To quote a pop song, “You’re out of touch, you’re out of time.”


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