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Not surprising, “Bridgerton” will return for a second season on Netflix. The Shonda Rhimes produced soft core sex and royalty fantasy is a total hit. Viewers can’t get enough of this trashy fun series, the stars are getting huge promotion, and the Netflix PR department successfully planted a story that Porn Hub is now littered with clips from the show.

Well, whatever works. “Lupin” on Netflix is about 7,000 times better. So are almost all the shows. But it’s cold, winter, pandemic, isolation, all of these things have made “Bridgerton” what “Game of Thrones” was in its early seasons. Remember the original “GoT” was full of sex scenes, it was like porn, too. Then, when it became mainstream, story and character took over.

The “Gossip Girl” conceit of “Bridgerton” is that a gossip columnist named Lady Whistledown is ratting out their randy trysts. Julie Andrews, of all people, does the narration, god bless her. Here’s Lady Whistledown’s announcement today:

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