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As I told you last week, MGM is on the move again.

They’ve pulled “No Time to Die” from April and sent it to October 2020. Maybe.

This is the third or fourth time the James Bond film has seen its premiere switched. They started in April 2020, went to November 2020, then to April 2021. Now it’s October 2021.

By the time the movie opens its theme song, recorded by Billie Eilish, will have moved to oldies status on the radio. It was released in February 2020.

MGM is for sale and lacking funds to promote their films. They moved the Aretha Franklin film “Respect” to August so it would benefit from Bond proceeds. Now will MGM move “Respect” to November or December and say it’s for Oscars? I wouldn’t be surprised.

And will “No Time to Die” really open in October, or will this be the first of new announcements until it opens Christmas Day 2021? If the vaccines don’t get going, James Bond will be mixing holiday martinis!

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