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COVID is unsparing, as we all know. Now the great Olivia Harrison, beloved and devoted widow of Beatle George Harrison, reports that she is recovering from the virus in a London hospital.

Olivia posted to Instagram today: “Redesigning my hospital room curtain. Unlucky to get covid but on the mend. Gratitude to all the selfless carers.”

Olivia was George’s second wife (after Patti Boyd) and mother of his only child, son Dhani. Olivia and Dhani have been steadfast in preserving George’s legacy. She’s soft spoken, elegant, and up to the task of representing George in the Beatles’ extended family. (Her mother named her for Olivia de Havilland, so that gave her a good start!)

I was reluctant to post this story but the very private Olivia felt comfortable enough to post to Instagram, where over 7,000 people have already responded with well wishes.

To make her get better faster, take a look at the video posted below. Olivia and Dhani are incredibly charitable with the Material World Foundation, and here she’s asking for donations to a Los Angeles shelter. Send some money there today in her honor.

She writes: “Material World is matching donations for what would have been our annual Christmas benefit for Alexandria House; a safe place where determined Moms and kids are living and working to get through tough times in a supportive community. You and I can give together. And as my mom would say, “take care of your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves.” Any amount welcome.”

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