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The Weeknd has not permanently altered his face. Can he feel it? That’s another story.

But the extreme Joker-like changes to the pop star’s face in his new video, “Save Your Tears,” are courtesy of Prosthetic Renaissance, a well known special effects group that also did work on Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” and the upcoming Eddie Murphy “Coming to America” sequel.

An insider tells me that this is part of a storyline The Weeknd is creating. It began with a fake broken nose at the MTV Video Music Awards and continued on the American Music Awards with The Weekend covered in surgical bandages.

All of that was created for The Weeknd with his direction.

Now Prosthetic Renaissance is working with Abel Tesfaye (the singer’s real name) on the Super Bowl performance he’s scheduled to unveil on Sunday, February 7th.

Whew! What a relief! Glad to know Abel is just having fun with us. I like his much too music to accept that he’s just crazy.

Meantime, I’m told that Mike Marino, head of Prosthetic Renaissance, is very proud of the “Coming 2 America” work his firm created. The movie hits Amazon Prime– which is rocking these days with great  content– on March 5th.

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