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Here’s the rap sheet for Tuesday night:

Dr. Dre, rap and hip hop innovator, Beats headphones founder, is reportedly in the same Cedars Sinai ICU that Larry King just vacated. The word is that Dre has a brain aneurysm, which is frightening and potentially fatal. Everyone is praying for him. Dre is in the middle of a wild divorce with long time wife Nicole, who wants half his billions. He’s trying to stop her from ripping up a prenup.

Meantime, in this episode of “Empire”: Kim Kardashian reportedly is getting ready to serve Kanye West with divorce papers. She’s hired Hollywood divorce queen Laura Wasser — portrayed to an Oscar win in “Marriage Story” by Laura Dern.

Well, I told you that Kanye has been off social media since November 4th, appeared in none of Kim’s Christmas posts on her social media, and has been occupied with something. They have four kids, many homes, lots of money intermingled. It’s gonna take a minute to undo this farce of a marriage. She’s said to have had it with taking care of a bipolar patient who is uncooperative and a Trump supporter, to boot. Kanye is a mess. I almost feel sorry for him. But slavery, as he says, is a choice.

It’s getting crazy out there tonight. As they said on “Hill Street Blues,” be careful out there.

Seriously, Dr. Dre aka Andre Young, is just 55. He has to get better.

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