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MONDAY UPDATE I confirmed yesterday that Larry was out of the ICU.

Broadcast legend Larry King is “improving” in his battle with COVID-19.

I’m told the folks at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles are giving King odds of 50/50 or better as he fights off the virus. Larry is a tough bird!  Sources tell me for what it’s worth the prayers and good feelings being sent to the radio and TV giant are making a difference. This will come as a great relief to his family and friends, especially sons Chance and Cannon and their mother Shawn, who are giving him all their support.

I’m also told that Larry likely was infected by a home healthcare worker who initially showed no symptoms. But the minute this man complained of a sore throat, the family sent him for a COVID test and locked Larry down. It was just too late.

This is certainly a common problem for older people who are dependent on home caregivers, visiting nurses, etc. Even with masks and shields, people coming and going from homes are still risking the lives of their patients, if not their own well being.

So keep up the good thoughts for Larry King. They’re working!

PS CNN.com and Foxnews.com were just about the only outlets that refused to credit this site with news of Larry’s illness. Thank you to the many sites that did credit us. When other outlets steal our stories, it siphons off our traffic and readers. We are “David. ” They are “Goliath.” And not terribly gracious after four years of the media being bashed. Shouldn’t we all support each other?

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