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Last Sunday we knew that “Wonder Woman 1984” was flying high at the box office.

Today we know she has crashed to Earth, falling 67% in her second weekend flight.

On her first weekend, Diana Prince lasso’d in $16.7 million. The reaction was parades, floats, sky rockets.

Alas, this weekend she managed to bring in just $5.5 million. That’s a crash landing even if your plane is invisible!

And even those numbers, the way they’re characterized, don’t tell the full story. That $5.5 million represents not just this weekend but the whole week since Monday, six days.Warner Bros. didn’t release daily figures all week, or even today broken down. The numbers mid week were obviously dismal.

Audiences did not go to theaters, even in warmer weather spots or in places where theaters were deemed safe.

It didn’t help that word of mouth is bad on this film, reviews are mixed to bad. Rotten Tomatoes is down to a 60 among critics, bloggers, and etc.

Well, this is often the case the middle chapters of trilogies. The studio has already pushed part 3 into production, so Patty Jenkins will have to come up with a decent ending for this thing. Maybe this time it will make sense.




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