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So while you were doing something more important last night, Justin Bieber was waking up the locals on the residential side of the Beverly Hilton on Wilshire Boulevard.

Sponsored by T Mobile, Bieber put on a full outdoor show on a stage constructed over the pool at the hotel. According to reports, the nose reverberated for blocks, and by the looks of the video, it was a full on show with booming speakers and flashing lights.

The free show was to promote T Mobile, of course, but also to sell tickets to Bieber’s 2021 American tour, which so far — as I reported yesterday– hasn’t been attracting too many customers.

The show was performed maskless, and at the end, all the dancers came and hugged Bieber and each other. Even if they were tested for COVID before the show, time will tell if they or the band get sick now. I’m sure Bieber, who’s religious but “not a Jesus guy” is praying for them. Perhaps he’s enlisted his spiritual leader, Carl Lentz, who was bounced from Hillsong Church after cheating on his wife at least once, allegedly multiple times.

Bieber performed a new single, called “Anyone,” and dropped a video at midnight of him — scrawny and small — as a champion prize fighter knocking out real boxers. It’s not a parody. But he is lip-synching, at least on “Anyone,” and singing to a track.

I’ll pretend this all happened at 11:59pm and was still part of the ghastly year 2020.


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