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Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” is going to become Folklore– and more.

Swift’s second surprise album of the year sold a whopping 134,000 copies on Friday, including around 85,000 CDs and downloads. That’s the one day sale only.

Additionally, “Folklore” sold around 9.2K copies on Friday including streaming and sales.

Taylor is currently taking up 7 slots on the iTunes top 100 albums. She has the top 2 singles on the iTunes charts, plus 7 or 8 other spots on that chart. The single, “Willow,” is number 1 and a remix version of it is number 2.

Listening to the “Willow” remix I realized it’s not so much Joni Mitchell that Taylor sounds like, it’s Suzanne Vega. I think there should be a Suzanne Vega Renaissance in light of “Evermore” and “Folklore.” The influence is quite direct.

But there’s no denying the Taylor Swift tsunami. And she’s even got that boyfriend writing lyrics!



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