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Meredith Grey’s beach blanket bingo is not the ratings sensation that was anticipated.

Last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” dropped 4.83% in overall viewers from last week, and 7.69% in the key demo. Whoops!

This news is a surprise since the current PR stunt of bringing dead characters back each week to the beach where Meredith has having a coma should have goosed the ratings.

Last night brought back George O’Malley in the person of actor TR Knight. Shonda Rhimes killed him off years ago. But O’Malley followed Dr. Derek Shepard aka Patrick Dempsey onto the haunted beach.

Meredith is in a coma brought on by COVID-19 and the PR department of Sloan Grey. She has more visitors coming, including Sandra Oh probably next week as Christina. “Greys” has fired so many people over the years that Meredith could stay in a coma til April 2021 at not see everyone she’s lost. Where is Kate Burton, for example?

Over the last month the show has lost around 300,000 viewers rather than gain them. Last night’s total was 5.670. This isn’t even equal to last season’s average of 6.238 million.

You’d think with all these old faces showing up, the die hard fans would be tuning in to see the next one. Where have they all gone? To the beach?

Of course, the big one would be Katherine Heigl, the most infamous ex “Greys” cast member. You could put that one on pay-per-view. But something tells me it will never happen.

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