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EXCLUSIVE Amanda Kloots Cordero, using her maiden name, has joined “The Talk” as a co-host on CBS. (Elaine Welteroth also joined the ratings-anemic show.) Kloots is the widow of Broadway star Nick Cordero, who died tragically from COVID this year after a prolonged battle. During that time, Kloots rose from unknown video fitness instructor to social media star. Her trajectory was meteoric despite the grief.

Kloots’ fans have pointed out that the devout Christian comes from a fairly conservative-to-right wing Ohio family. It’s not clear yet if Amanda is as outspoken as her mother, Maureen, who was an active Tweeter back in 2013-15, with some pretty severe observations.

At the top of her Twitter account, still active, Maureen Kloots describes herself as “Wife, Mother and Grandmother. Dog Lover. Christian. Patriot. Devoted watcher of FOX News. And most importantly, REPUBLICAN!”

Maureen really hated President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She wasn’t shy about it either.

She wrote, for example: “Where is Obama. Oh I bet he might be too busy at a basketball game. Help.” A year earlier she wrote: “As for me and my house we now call the president. KING OBAMA”

She had some other observations about Obama, like: “After his term is over I think the PRES has an excellent chance of getting the lead on the TV show SCANDAL”

Mrs. Kloots had no sympathy for Freddie Gray, the 25 year old Black man who was killed by Baltimore police in April 2015 during an arrest. She wrote “FREDDIE GRAY. BIG HEROIN DEALER and. USER. I support the police”

But what should really be of interest to the bookers of “The Talk,” who depend on celebrities to Zoom in, is Mrs. Kloots’ 2015 declaration: “I Hate Hollywood!” She doubled down two days later with “Good night do I ever hate Hollywood.”

She’s also a Xenophobe Extraordinaire: “I think I am I in the USA, but not a lot of people are speaking English.”

It’s hard to imagine what Nick Cordero thought of all this.  Meantime, Kloots picked up around $1 million after running a GoFundMe campaign following Cordero’s death.

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