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Meryl Streep, considered our greatest movie actress, is coming back to the awards circuit with two big performances next month. One could be for the Oscars, the other for the Golden Globes. Or both.

In Steven Soderbergh’s “Let Them All Talk” — streaming on HBO Max — Streep plays a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist who takes her two best college friends and her nephew on a “crossing” from New York to Southampton, England. Streep has 3 Oscars, Soderbergh has two, co-star Dianne Wiest has two, Candice Bergen has like 17 Emmy Awards, Lucas Hedges is the hot as a pistol young actor of the moment. You do the math.

And then there’s “The Prom,” based on the hit Broadway musical about a bunch of New York theater stars who arrive up in Indiana town to help a high school girl put on her prom when the school won’t let her bring a female date. Streep’s character, a Tony winner past her prime, was played on Broadway by Beth Leavel, who had one of the 6 Tony nominations the show garnered. (She should have won.) There’s an all star cast including Nicole Kidman and James Corden.

Reviewers are seeing “Let Them All Talk” now and screening “The Prom” on Sunday. It’s StreepFest 2021! That’s reason enough to be thankful!

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