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“A Promised Land,” the long awaited first volume of Barack Obama’s memoirs, sold 890,000 copies on Tuesday, its first full day available.

And get this: the 764 page tome retails for $45. This is no dime store novel. It’s number 1 in hardcover, on Kindle, and from audible books.

Penguin Random House says that’s an all time high for any book on one day in its combined 2,000 year history. The number 2 spot is held by Michelle Obama for her memoir, “Becoming.”

Meantime, Donald Trump Junior’s latest book has sold 12,000 copies according to Bookscan. It’s number 6,0002 on Amazon.com. Junior is running contests to unload copies at a discount on his website.

Barack’s book should pass 1 million today or tomorrow at the latest. He and Michelle were paid $65 million jointly for their book advances. The deal was considered the biggest ever, but it will pay off handsomely for the company with paperback sales and other editions, ancillary rights and so on that will continue for years.

Trump Junior’s book, called “Liberal Privilege,” is available by the yard, from Kimberly Guilfoyle’s garage.



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