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How stupid are the people of Central Florida? Pretty stupid. They voted overwhelmingly for Trump despite the fact that people there keep getting COVID and are dying every day. Isn’t this the problem with “middle America”? They’re thick in the head.

This is the November 6th report from Villages-News.com‘s Larry D. Croom, who keeps writing these stories to a mentally dim readership. This is why I stay away from Florida. PS Now Biden-Harris and Fauci are going to impose restrictions and put an end to this. And the stupid Villagers who voted for Trump will be saved, and claim Trump did it.

from the report:

Six more local residents have lost their battle with COVID-19 as new cases continue to mount in and around The Villages.

Two of the latest fatalities were in Lake County, one was in Sumter County and three were in Marion County. The only information provided by the Florida Department of Health was about the two Lake County victims, who were identified as an 84-year-old woman who tested positive Aug. 17 and an 87-year-old man who tested positive Sept. 29.

Thirty new COVID-19 cases were reported Friday in and around The Villages. Those include:

  • The Villages (Sumter, Lake and Marion counties) up five for a total of 867;
  • Leesburg up eight for a total of 1,502;
  • Wildwood up five for a total 477;
  • Summerfield up five for a total of 465;
  • Fruitland Park up four for a total of 208;
  • Lady Lake up one for a total of 397;
  • Oxford up one for a total of 152;
  • Lady Lake portion of Sumter County up one for a total of 46.

Sumter County is now reporting 3,047 cases – an increase of 21 from Thursday to Friday – among 1,724 men, 1,293 women, 13 non-residents and 17 people listed as unknown. A total of 224 cases have been reported in long-term care centers and 788 in correctional facilities. There have been 88 deaths and 298 people treated in area hospitals.

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