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UPDATE Kevin Spacey DOES NOT have a role in the movie. Whew! He was just visiting. OK Magazine says also he’s been living in London, dodging process servers.

EXCLUSIVE Does disgraced actor Kevin Spacey have a role in 83 year old Oscar winner Claude LeLouch’s new, and maybe final, movie? (He’s most famous for 1967’s “A Man and a Woman.”) The French actress indicated as much in an Instagram post, a photo of Spacey and her with other actors. The picture was taken in a cemetery, near where Spacey’s career is buried from pedophilia scandals. The movie is called “Love is Better than Life” in French: L’AMOUR C’EST MIEUX QUE LA VIE. The movie is summarized: “On board the Jazz ‘cruise at sea, six individuals pass each other. One of them is condemned by illness and wants one thing, to live a last beautiful love story.”

And we thought Spacey’s career was over. Finis. But the French love a good scandal, and no is ever finis. (See: Roman Polanski.)

In May, the famed LeLouch said: “I want this to be my last film for the public.” With Spacey in it, that should be the last nail in his so called coffin!

Keep refreshing for updates…

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