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Bruce Springsteen is back on top.

The Boss’s “Letter to You” album sold 45,000 copies on Friday according to Buzz Angle/Alpha Data. Almost all were CDs and paid downloads with very little streaming.

By comparison, Springsteen’s last album, “Western Stars,” released in June 2019, sold 61,000 copies for its entire first week and then trailed off. “Letter to You” is poised to do better than 100,000 copies in its debut week and be number 1 on the album chart.

So far, the album hasn’t had a hit single. But I can tell you the next track to get singles-attention for radio is “The Power of Prayer,” which — if radio will let it in among the crap already playing — is a real number 1 hit. Call your local FM station and ask for it ASAP!

And PS don’t miss the “Letter to You” documentary on Apple TV. It’s a winner!


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