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As “Saturday Night Live” goes into rehearsal with host Adele and musical guest HER (who apparently people in the know call Gabi Wilson), here’s an update.

HER dropped a single last night called “Damage.” It’s terrific.

Adele has nothing. There’s been no indication of a single or anything else. People in the know tell me there’s been zero preparation or indication of any new music. Outside of Adele humming something on “SNL,” she is so far not scheduled to sing any known song on “SNL” this weekend. Music rights have to be cleared before broadcast on “SNL.” No one has applied for any clearance of any kind with her song publisher.

I’m sorry, kids. I wish I had better news. This doesn’t mean something won’t emerge before the end of the year. But for example, when Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” was announced, it seemed like a surprise to all of us. But a month of preparation went into that announcement. Today, Paul McCartney announced a new album, same thing, it’s for December 11th. To launch a worldwide album you need that much time.

If something changes, I’ll let you know.

Here’s HER. Great record:

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