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Now that Adele has been announced as the host of “SNL” next Saturday, all signs point to a new album on Friday, October 30th.

It won’t be next Friday, October 23rd. Sony/Columbia is dropping Bruce Springsteen’s “Letter to You,” and they can only have one number 1 at a time.

If the new Adele comes for Halloween, the timing is excellent. She’d have a clear path through November and into the holidays for what I expect would be a several million selling CD. Plus, she’d be in time for an appearance on the American Music Awards on Sunday November 22nd.

Sony would have only gotten one week at the top of the charts with Springsteen, anyway, no matter what a masterpiece it is. (And it is.) This way, Bruce can coast in top 10 for a bit after his debut.

So hold on. It’s going to be all Adele, all the time.

PS Ariana Grande? Who knows? She may drop this coming Friday to stay out of the way.

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