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The Kardashians have hit a stride, although not a good one.

The Thursday night episode of “Keeping Up with” them aired, unfortunately, while the presidential candidates were Town Halling on ABC and NBC.

The result was just 571,000 fans tuned in to see whatever nonsense was happening. That about ties two weeks ago when the number was 569,000. In between the show did rise to around 650,000. But I guess there wasn’t enough incentive to come back again.

The consistent numbers below 600,000 seem to be the average for this final go-round. And this was despite Kim K live tweeting the show. No one really cared.

I still think a murder cliff hanger a la “Who Shot JR?” would help, or a confrontation with Kanye West over his insanity. Maybe when they go under 500,000 we’ll see one of those!

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