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Is this for real?

Justin Bieber’s new single, “Lonely,” is a pity party for himself in which he whines and yodels about being rich, famous, and misunderstood.

This is a pop star bereft of ideas, so isolated from reality that he doesn’t realize millions of people are out of work, and we’re living through a pandemic. No, “Lonely” is all about ME ME ME. This is from a 25 year old covered in tattoos living in a mansion with his beautiful young wife. He’s really suffering.

No one wants to hear it, Justin. You are a ridiculous person. You lack all intellectual curiosity or any sense of the world around you.

Bieber is so far below the rest of his pop class, starting with Demi Lovato, whose “Commander in Chief” is a sensational pop moment.

Grade: F. He’ll be lucky if Melania Trump doesn’t write a response single called “I Don’t Care, Do You?”

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