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Stevie Wonder is back!

Our all time favorite performer (among a few others, but still…) has dropped two new songs today. One of them is called “Where is Our Love Song” and I am thrilled to tell you this was the song Stevie played for me at Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday party 4 years ago at the Rainbow Room. A couple of celebs eyed me very jealously as Stevie put headphones on me and flipped a switch on a little recorder-player he was holding under our table. It’s very exciting to hear it now in its finished form.

Stevie will donate 100% of proceeds of  “Where Is Our Love Song” to Feeding America. “To feed people,” he said, “it is my joy.” The song features Gary Clark Jr. on guitar and background vocals from five of Wonder’s children.

The second song is called “Can’t Put it in the Hands of Fate”  and was written about a relationship. He rewrote it a few months ago to address current political and social situations and includes a collection of conscious rappers—Rapsody, Cordae, Chika and Busta Rhymes.

The singles will either appear on a new album or EP. I hope it’s a full length album. We’ve gone too long without a new one from Mr. Stevland Morris.

Stevie’s also started his own label through Republic/Universal called So What the Fuss Records. He’s moving in the Universal Music Group family from Motown, where he’s been since 1963. (Motown isn’t the same place anymore.) And what the fuss indeed? Stevie has a new kidney, looks trim and ready to rock. There is no one better.


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