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I guess we’re looking at the syndicated TV ratings now like they’re the I Ching, just to see if Ellen DeGeneres will capsize.

She won’t. So forget it.

Second week back after a rocky first week, “The Ellen Show” was up 50% in total viewers, up to 1.2 million. It was the third highest ranked talk show, after “Dr. Phil” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” The audience doesn’t care about the toxic backstage stuff. “The Ellen Show” will keep growing. So much for that.

BTW she ranked fourth in the key demo, up 67% from week 1. Listen, Ellen made mistakes but she’s not stupid. She’s back, with a vengeance.

I’d be more concerned about Drew Barrymore. She was down 14% in her second week. The show grabbed 600,000 viewers. The show she replaced in many markets, “Hot Bench,” was steady at 1.7 million. Fans like my mother just went and found it wherever it’s playing. “Drew” seems like she’s taken too much Prozac. She also says mean things about her mother, which isn’t nice at age 45. Get over it, already.

Me? I’m really keen on Tamron Hall, who’s holding steady, doing a consistent, good job, has a raison d’etre, and was just renewed for a third season. Tamron was screwed by NBC and let go to make way for Megyn Kelly, who everyone hated and cost the network $69 million. Tamron got the last laugh.

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