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Kamala Harris certainly fulfilled all of my expectations tonight, and my guess is I’m not alone. I actually clapped and wanted to stand up during her responses to Mike Pence in the only vice presidential debate tonight.

Susan Page of USA Today did a much better job at controlling the candidates during the debate, although she had a lot of help from Harris. The California senator routinely stared Pence down and said, “Mr. Vice President, I am speaking.” She would not allowed him to interrupt her.

Even better, Harris at least twice told Pence “I will not be lectured” as he lied about her career as a prosecutor, among other things. Harris has a great side eye, and she gave it to Pence many times. Pence, on the other hand, was busy overtalking Harris and Page, who admonished him many times.

Harris does not suffer fools gladly. Her disdain for Pence was clear, and also amusing. Pence seemed like a sad old man from another century, and culture. He can’t compete with her. And he didn’t.

Pence also suffered from some physical issues. As many on Twitter noted, his eye seemed very red, maybe suggesting an infection. He also had a fly land on his shellacked head and stay there for a bit. It was unclear if the fly was trying to get in or head out of his head.


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