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Happy Birthday to Sting, he turns 69 years young today.

Ironic: Sting would say rock star is the last thing that describes him. Husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, activist, musician. He’s stayed contemporary with a career that now spans more than 40 years. It’s quite an accomplishment. Just this week he’s featured on a single by a new rapper, Gashi, whose song he liked. (And frankly just hearing his voice pop up in someone else’s record is always welcome.) He’s spent the last two or three years collaborating with Shaggy. Right now, Sting is busy compiling an album of duets we may see before Christmas. Pandemic? Nothing’s going to stop him. And when the virus is over, and theaters open again, “The Last Ship” will set sail once more. And let’s not forget his Italian winery, Il Palagio, now getting awards like crazy.

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