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For the second time in less than 24 hours, Donald Trump iced Kim Kardashian out of the Alice Johnson story.

Trump had Johnson in the Oval Office today and gave the former lifetime prisoner a full pardon, improving on her commutation of sentence.

But neither Trump nor Johnson said a word about Kardashian, who fished Alice out of prison and brought her case to Trump in the first place. He’d never heard of her before that. Now she’s his mascot.

Trump is purposely doing this to Kardashian, likely because she’s married to Kanye West. Kanye says he’s running for president, but doing it to help Trump. So none of this makes sense. But it’s insulting to Kim.

Why this Alice Johnson is going along with it is another story. She was convicted in 1996 for her involvement in a Memphis cocaine trafficking organization and sentenced to life imprisonment. She would still be serving time if it weren’t for Kardashian. It seems like she’s found a pal in Trump.

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