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I told you on November 19, 2019 that Anthony McCarten was writing the screenplay for the Whitney Houston biopic. Exclusively.

I told you in April that the movie was a ‘go’ with Clive Davis executive producing. And Stella Meghie directing. Anyone remember that?

Deadline.com is trying to take credit. No.

Now today comes the official word that the movie will come from Sony’s Tri-Star division. It’s set for Christmas 2022. Casting is a long way off. My guess is there will be an unknown playing Whitney. It’s unclear how much editorial control Whitney’s estate– meaning her sister in law, Pat Houston– will exert. Will it be a just big kiss? Or will it tell the truth about how Whitney’s brothers hooked her on drugs?

Will the movie also perpetuate the story from the estate’s documentary that Whitney and one brother were molested by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick? Dee Dee’s sister, Dionne, will be furious if so. (No one knows if this is true, so, they have to be careful.)

And who will play Clive Davis? When Clive first signed Whitney he was around 50. I think they should get Stanley Tucci, but no one asked me. And Kevin Costner? (Logan Marshall Green, call your agent.)

Titles? You know they want to call it “I Will Always Love You.” Dolly Parton would be thrilled because she’ll get more money for the license if they name the movie after her song. And who will the musical director be? I’m sure David Foster is all over it.  (He probably wants to play himself!)


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