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Liz Lemon didn’t make her name into lemonade last night.

NBC’s effort to do an upfront promo of new shows based around a “30 Rock” reunion fizzled terribly. Around 60% of NBC affiliates objected and didn’t show the episode. The result was a mere 2.5 million viewers.

A “Young Sheldon” rerun on CBS did around 4 million or more, easily trouncing it.

Who knows what induced Tina Fey and co to go along with this idea? It wasn’t a good one. Money? Aren’t they all rich rich rich at this point? Lorne Michaels? He can say no.

Anyway, it didn’t work out. It was the 8th highest rated show of the night.

Even worse it killed the already suffering “Superstore” and  “Brooklyn 99” which followed in reruns. They may have had their lowest ratings ever. “Brooklyn 99” didn’t even make 1 million viewers, coming in at 883,000.

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