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Ryan Seacrest is busy getting press for wearing small shirts, breaking up with girlfriends, and having alleged mini strokes on “American Idol.”

But in real life, Seacrest–who’s made a fortune hosting “American Idol,” producing the Kardashians’ TV show, and running his radio empire– has a private tax free foundation. But the beneficiaries are his sister and father, not so much anyone else.

I’ve written about Seacrest’s foundation before because it’s just mind boggling how it keeps playing out. His sister, Meredith, runs the 501 c3 and his father does the legal work.

Every year, dad gets a $96,000 retainer. To do what exactly? Not much. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is not big on giving money away to people who need it, just to family.

Sister Meredith in 2018 was paid a total of $250,000. She had a $242,000 salary, up from $225,000 the prior year. With benefits she gets the tw0-fifty.

The Foundation made 9 seven donations in the amount of $10,000 each in 2018. So that’s just $90,000.

They also donate electronic equipment to children’s hospitals, the same nine that got the cash grants. Each of those equipment donations is valued at $15,768.

In 2018, according to the Foundation’s Form 990, the total for money donated was down from the previous year by about $60,000. However, salaries were up by $80,000. Sister and dad’s salaries weren’t the only ones paid out. Total salaries were listed at $582,064. A little over $200,000 in salaries is unspecified.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation claimed $3,855,990 in total assets for 2018. So most of the money is just sitting tax free, doing nothing but gaining interest.


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