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UPDATED Judge Rules Stan Lee’s Former Bodyguard Can Proceed in Lawsuit Against Marvel Creator’s Daughter: Accusations Are Shocking



EXCLUSIVE Marvel Comics and film creator Stan Lee’s daughter JC Lee (Joan Celia) lost an important round today in a case brought against her and other defendants by Lee’s former bodyguard and property manager.

Gaven VanOver, who worked for Stan the last year of his life, said he was “removed” from his position against Stan Lee’s wishes by the defendants. On December 2, 2019 VanOver filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against JC Lee, her boyfriend lawyer, and an LAPD Detective who he says was working for JC Lee to do her bidding (see below).  VanOver’s suit is for Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

JC Lee and the defendants responded quickly with an anti-SLAPP Motion to get the judge to dismiss the case. But on Wednesday afternoon, Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer in Los Angeles Superior Court denied part of her motion and ruled that VanOver had a reasonable probability of prevailing in the case against Lee and could move ahead on some parts of his complaint. (Schenck and Munoz were removed from the case.)

It was a stunning setback for JC Lee, because the items the judge will let VanOver move forward on were stunning. One of them was VanOver’s allegation that JC Lee “threatened to shoot and kill her father.”

Other accusations include: On multiple occasions, JC LEE showed up to the house under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; On several occasions, JC LEE was observed kicking her dogs, throwing them and hittingthem with a broom. Plaintiff was upset and confronted JC LEE for abusing her dogs. JC LEE screamed out obscenities in response to Plaintiff’s concerns.”

Judge Leffler, I’m told, voiced deep concerns about the myriad accusations.

Vanover also filed an Employee Malpractice Complaint* against Detective Gabriel F. Munoz, the text of which follows (I’ve add spaces to make it more readable).

For JC Lee, by the way, court rulings keep going against her. There’s a theme here.

Here’s VanOver’s complaint against Munoz:

I, Gaven Vanover, am filing a complaint against Detective Munoz and the Los Angeles Police Department for malpractice and the interference of my employment with Stan Lee, which resulted in me losing my job, home and livelihood. There are obvious ulterior motives other than collecting and presenting facts of the matter, because Stan Lee was the giant celebrity that he was and his movies earned billions of dollars.

I was Stan’s personal bodyguard and property manager. Stan demanded I be his only bodyguard and asked me to move in with him. He gave me my own room, so moved out of my house to accommodate Stan Lee’s 24n needs. On several occasions, I caught Stan from taking a bad fall. One time I found Stan after he had fallen in the restroom. I brought Stan back to his feet and earned the recognition as “The man that saved my life”. I watched over Stan and his affairs 24n for many months until Detective Munoz put an end to all of Stan Lee’s business affairs. Detective Munoz torturously {sic} interfered with our employment contract. Detective Munoz intimidated and threatened the defamation of my character, and the standing of my name if I did anything other than walk away from Stan Lee. Detective Munoz said that a team was on its way to replace me, basically firing me, from the position Stan placed me in.

Detective Munoz explained that I would be arrested if I did anything other than walk away from Stan Lee and cut all contact with Keya Morgan (Stan Lee’s partner) and Stan. Detective Munoz reported false claims of an emergency, and falsely reported unproved crimes. This humiliates and dishonors all value of my life’s work. I moved out of my own house in order to accommodate Stan’s needs. Detective Munoz Stopped lawsuits for millions of dollars that were the source and main drive keeping Stan alive. Keya Morgan and myself were his right-hand men and most relied upon partners; managers, and confidants. Detective Munoz stopped movie deals of Stan’s life and plans Stan had for his future after he accomplished these goals. Stan, Keya and I were all of one mind, in pursuit of Stan’s last wishes and will on this earth. All these dreams Stan desired to bring to reality were destroyed and shut down by the corrupted Detective Munoz. Stan’s immediate response to Detective Munoz’ invasion was at the very least confusion and anger for interruption of Stan’s businesses. Stan said, “This is ridiculous, Keya is my friend, he’s my partner. He manages my affairs. We have active lawsuits right now that are impossible to accomplish without him”.

Detective Munoz was forcing Stan to sign documents. Stan said “I won’t sign anything with out my lawyer Rob Reynolds and Keya being present”. Munoz said this has nothing to do with those things. He was very vague and said Keya is involved with some illegal activity and “we” are stepping in to make sure Stan is not being taken advantage of. Stan shook his head and said, “This is ridiculous!” Detective Munoz claimed false reports of an emergency, let alone a crime, that he used to kill the root of Stan’s last wishes and remaining will Stan had to live for. The LAPD’s evil Detective Munoz is the one who abused his own power. Detective Munoz had no right to hire or fire Stan’s partner or security guard. Detective Munoz had no right to end Stan’s Lawsuits and hire lawyers Stan had fired. Detective Munoz had no right to hire the very security guards Stan had fired. Detective Munoz had no right to end lawsuits Stan had filed.

Detective Munoz had no right to stop everything Stan was doing, and take all hope away from Stan, which ultimately killed him. I believe there is an immense level of corruption between the people Stan was suing and the people involved with interrupting and destroying Stan’s right for justice. I was told by Detective Munoz that there were people coming to relieve me of my duties and that I should not talk to Keya Morgan again if I didn’t want to be prosecuted alongside him. I lost my job, my home, my good name, and I was completely humiliated in front of my family, my friends and everyone I have ever worked for in my 20 year security career. I was in the process of getting my PPO and couldn’t complete the process due to lack of funds because Detective Munoz wrongfully took my job away from me.

Detective Munoz and the LAPD have completely ruined my life. I am still homeless and still have not found steady work. These are despicable wrongs the Los Angeles Police Department has forced on my life. Who benefits from this other than the people Stan Lee was suing and the people Stan had fired? Detective Munoz and the LAPD gave power and control over Stan Lee’s every day life directly to the people Stan Lee had fired and was in the process of suing. Sincerely, Gaven Vanover



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