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UPDATE Unfortunately, I can confirm that the story is true. Nick is said to have passed around 11:30am at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. He really was beloved, a great great guy who had hundreds of people he didn’t even known pulling for him. Fans and friends, castmates and their families were all posting videos singing a song Nick wrote called “Live Your Life.” It was an extraordinary show of support.

There are reports that Nick Cordero has died after a valiant fight and 91 days in the hospital.

Nick was a Broadway nominated actor who starred in many shows including “Bullets over Broadway” and “A Bronx Tale.” He was recently married and had a 1 year old son, Elvis.

His wife, Amanda, has waged a campaign on Instagram to keep him alive and get him to wake up from a coma. In the 91 days of his hospitalization in Cedars Sinai Hospital, he suffered strokes, a leg amputation, the coma, and many severe problems with his lungs.

 Tommy Mottola, the record executive and a producer of A Bronx Tale posted the first notice of Nick’s passing

Reports: RIP Nick Cordero, Tony Nominated Broadway Star Who Spent 91 Days in Hospital with COVID

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