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Ghislaine Maxwell, pegged as Jeffrey Epstein’s “madame” and procurer of underage girls, was arrested this morning in Bedford, New Hampshire according to reports.

She’ll be arraigned this afternoon.

Maxwell’s story will occupy headlines for weeks to come. She knows where all of Epstein’s so called bodies are “buried.” She put them there. She can possibly answer all the questions about how he conducted his worldwide sex ring, also how he had money, she can implicate all the players who made his crimes possible. A lot of famous people are probably very worried right now.

Maxwell is the daughter of late maybe billionaire Robert Maxwell, who owned the New York Daily News for a short time until he died mysteriously at sea in 1991. Ghislaine may finally shed light on her father’s story as well.

Mort Zuckerman bought the News from Maxwell’s estate. Unfortunately, Mort is no longer compos mentis, but I’ll bet he’ll be watching TV this afternoon with a renewed vigor.


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