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All the coolest people in New York have gotten together for a tribute to Broadway star Nick Cordero.

It’s a Sopranos-E Street-Broadway performance of Nick’s song “Live Your Life,” artistic directed by Maureen van Zandt and Vincent Pastore, led by Little Steven aka Stevie van Zandt, and Nick’s “Rock of Ages” co-star Constantine Maroulis. They call it Renegade Theater, named for the van Zandts’ Renegade Nation. The video is directed by Sammy Semenza. Production Assistance by Pamela Johnston.

The performers include Joanna Bonaro, Warren Bub, Gina Di Peppe, Rachel Francis, Kevin Hoffman, Daniella Horvath, Christian Keiber, Kerry McGann, Ernest Mingione, Vincent Pastore, Maureen Van Zandt, and Nicholas Wey with Stevie, Vinnie and Sammy as special guests.

Tony nominated Nick has been in Cedars Sinai Hospital since the beginning of April fighting COVID-19 and associated problems. He’s on a trach ventilator, has had a leg amputated, mini strokes, and serious lung infections. He’s not out of the woods but he’s getting there. His amazing wife, Amanda Kloots, had led an army of family, friends, and fans on Instagram devoted to willing him awake and well. When he’s better and they show him everything everyone did– songs, sing a longs, prayers, videos– he won’t believe it! Help them out on GoFundMe.

So here’s Renegade Theater singing “Live Your Live,” each from home.

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