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Congratulations to Tim Chan from Rolling Stone. He’s solved the mystery of how old albums by old divas are hitting number 1 on iTunes. Good work tracking this kid down.

David, a 17 year old from Connecticut who was five years old when Mariah Carey’s “E=MC2” came out, decided to try and make the album number 1 by gaming iTunes.

“I saw that the album was discounted (iTunes priced it at $4.99 compared to $9.99 for most new releases) and it was slowly gaining momentum on the iTunes chart, so I, along with a few other fans, thought, ‘Maybe we should get it to Number One,’” David told Chan. “It happened before with Glitter; why not make it happen again?”

Yeah, why not? Kids have nothing else to do but game iTunes. Chan didn’t ask David if he’s behind the Madonna or Janet Jackson campaigns. It’s likely he just gave someone else the idea.

Now the Michael Jackson fans are pushing #JusticeforInvincible for Michael’s 2001 final album. Let’s see if it works.

It’s strange that the fans don’t realize this is actually a scam, it’s not real, the charts are being manipulated. I wonder if iTunes will just go along with this or make an effort to stop it. And it’s not about Mariah or Madonna or anyone. It’s about the fact that it’s wrong for any artist. But the fans want to make it something else. Not too smart.

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