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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: The person getting the $33,000 salary is Henri Hebert, listed as executive director of the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation. Henri Hebert is listed on the imdb as a reality TV show producer whose last credit was 2015’s “The Jacksons: The Next Generation.” She has no background in running a charity. That $33,000 could be going to someone in need. But this is so Jackson family. Where do they find these people?

BREAKING: Taryll Jackson is one of the 3T’s, Tito Jackson’s sons, and Michael Jackson’s nephews. He and his brothers Taj and TJ (guardian of Michael Jackson’s kids)  had formed the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation in memory of their mother. Just now Taryll resigned from the foundation with a post on Instagram. Here it is. Keep refreshing. Dee Dee died in 1994 in a swimming pool. Four years later her boyfriend was convicted of murdering her.

The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation, only two years old, has just $25,000 in the till. No salaries were paid in 2018. But in 2017 when the balance for the year was $11K, salaries of $33,000 were paid to someone, unspecified in their Form 990 tax filing. Something fishy’s going on. But the Jacksons and charities were never a good match.

Taryll writes: “One of my biggest hurdles in life has been using my voice and standing up for myself. Something I’m working on and will exercise now. I am stepping away from DDJF/Power of Love Show. I love my Mother, the foundation we have created in her honor, and BOTH of my brothers. But if we can’t practice what we preach then what’s the point? People can say, think and assume what they want. I’m standing in my truth. It’s not easy and it’s not pretty, but it’s mine and I will learn from it, grow from it and be better for it. #love”

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