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The Lady Gaga Together at Home concert was badly produced in the sense that they over-recorded songs, then threw them away off of the TV show. There are 59 extra tracks available, and if I were those artists, I’d be pissed. Meantime, sketchy Global Citizen is taking responsibility for everything, but not for this mess.These are substantial artists, and there are more on the list on the Spotify page. And anyone of these could have been substituted for Jennifer Lopez’s lip synched verfsion of “People.” The Sheryl Crow song at the bottom is sensational

Here are some of the best performances that no one saw the other night. I made sure to add Jessie J, who I think is way underrated.

Jennifer Hudson, Memory

Jennifer Hudson, Hallelujah

Andra Day, Rise Up

Annie Lennox, Lola Lennox, There Must Be An Angel

Jesse J, Flashlight

Niall Horan, Slow Hands

Sheryl Crow, I Shall Believe

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