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Today and tonight, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, and a bunch of other celebrities who think they’re helping the world learn about hunger and poverty. Does anyone know where the money is going? I don’t think so. The whole enterprise, glommed onto the now controversial World Health Organization, is simply out of control.

There’s no question that Lady Gaga has had the best of intentions organizing this Together at Home show, which will air on TV tonight from 8 to 10pm. But the involvement of Global Citizen is a head scratcher. Why does no one vet them? Everything they say is taken at face value. I will reiterate here will be stated below and in links: GLOBAL CITIZEN DOES NOTHING. They do not feed the hungry or poor. They simply rake in money, pay salaries, and put on concerts. I think it’s an enormous con. The guy who runs it, Hugh Evans, is the Wizard of Oz, and not just because he comes from Australia.

Global Citizen, which started out calling itself the Global Poverty Project, is UNRATED on Charity Navigator. It has NO RATING. Why? Click here and you can read for yourself. “…the organization does not meet our criteria. A lack of a rating does not indicate a positive or negative assessment by Charity Navigator.”

One reason Global Citizen might be unrated is because on its Form 990 tax filing, the section for fundraising details for specific events, i.e. their concerts, is left BLANK.

I don’t know why no one seems to get this: Global Citizen, aka the Global Poverty Project, is not what it seems. On the eve of their annual rock concert in Central Park, the foundation’s latest tax filing shows huge salary increases for their executive and no money donated to any charity, or to solve poverty or hunger.

According to Global Citizen’s Form 990 for 2017, their top execs got a $2 million rise from the prior year. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. Total salaries now come to $9 million. NINE MILLION DOLLARS. CEO Hugh Evans is now getting $400,000 a year. COO Elizabeth Henshaw is getting almost as much. Chief Marketing Officer Richard Wolffe is, too.

They’re spending $4 million on contractors for the concert in Central Park. FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. Get it?

And despite revenue being up, and salaries being up, Global Citizen gave ZERO DOLLARS in Grants to anyone. In fact, somehow they’re saying they’re in the red. On paper, they lost money. Their revenue less expenses was MINUS $849,984. Their liabilities TRIPLED to $3.8 million. Net fund balances were down by $900,000.


Let’s take a look at those salaries, direct from the tax filing: :

and here’s their summary of revenue and expenses, also from the tax filing:

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