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TUESDAY 3.31 UPDATE: Peter’s son Colin says on Instagram: “His condition is still unchanged…your Love, Grace and Prayers are wonderful.”



Colin Duchin posts to Instagram: He is still in the ICU and still fighting…so grateful for all your love and grace.

The great society band leader and pianist Peter Duchin, beloved by one and all, is fighting coronavirus at an Upper East Side hospital. His son, Colin, has been posting to Instagram the last few days. Peter is 81, and has come back brilliantly from previous health issues. Peter Duchin epitomizes the notion of a tall, dark, handsome, smoothe, suave guy in a tux. He was born into it. The famed pianist is the son of Eddy Duchin, also the number 1 society bandleader of his day. (Eddy died at age 40 in 1951 and left a towering legacy.) When the rich want to party, it’s Peter Duchin and his band they call. Every charity wants him. My favorite Peter Duchin event was when he played the 2012 annual gala for Literacy Partners. Liz Smith invited him, and Liza Minnelli sang. What a night!

His, Colin, wrote on the 23rd:
“As we‘re all facing so much these days can I ask of you a favor…whether it’s a prayer, a dance, or love sent through the ethers, please keep my father in your thoughts…my dad has tested positive, he is in critical condition, on a ventilator and being kept stable…I look forward to showing him this post soon, but in the mean time play a song for him.”

Then on the 24th: “an update…He is still The same, but thankfully has not gotten worse…So, So Grateful for The Kindness and Love that has been shown, sent and given…he is being cradled in your Love.

Finally, on the 25th, Tuesday: “He’s still fighting…The Love that you have shown to him is so appreciated.”

Peter has been married since 2012 to Virginia Coleman. His first wife was Cheray Georgea Zauderer, mother of his children. But the wife we were all fascinated by was Brooke Hayward, daughter of Leland Hayward and Margaret Sullavan. She’s Hollywood royalty and author of one of the great showbiz memoirs, “Haywire.” Peter published a wonderful memoir in 2018, “Ghost of a Chance,” and is working on a new one for Nan Talese. So Peter, we are rooting for a quick recovery. This party needs you!

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