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Is it really necessary to have more than one version of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” available for sale?

Amazon has finally agreed that the answer is no, and has dropped all but one from its site. The remaining version, translated in 1943, serves as a reminder of what a monster Hitler was. It’s for educational purposes, and in this version shows his lack of education and his crude racism. Ralph Manheim, a respected German translator, made his career by bringing the book into English.

The Guardian first reported that Amazon cleaned house after a number of Jewish groups and Holocaust historical scholars lobbied for the removal since the service started.

Barnes & Noble is a different story. The second most popular online book store currently offers around 18 other versions for sale on line as well as the Manheim version. That’s 18 versions! Is that necessary? Clearly, no. Why is anyone benefiting from the sale of these books? Indeed, why is Houghton Mifflin, the American publisher?

Former Barnes & Noble owners the Riggios were no brain scientists. But now the New York based hedge fund Elliott Management Corporation, which also owns Waterstones in the UK, has bought Barnes & Noble from the Riggios.  Paul Singer runs the hedge fund, and if he’s not aware of the “Mein Kampf” situation, he is now. A number of the directors are Jewish, and I’ll bet they’ll take action once they hear this news. At a time when there is so much anti-Semitism, Singer and co. have a mandate to clean up the B&N inventory.


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