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I told you that Global Citizen, the shady not for profit that gives nothing to charity and no money to the poor or hungry, was branching into broadcasting. They hired Lee Rolontz from I Heart Radio to start producing awards and TV shows.

Rolontz’s first project is the phony sounding Global Poverty Prizes for NBC, on December 12th in London at Royal Albert Hall.  They’re positioning themselves as a new Nobel Prize, when in fact, they are not nearly or remotely in that category.

John Legend is hosting it. They’re going to hand out a bunch of awards they’ve made up. According to their press release:  “The Cisco Youth Leadership Award will honor an individual 18-30 years old who has contributed meaningfully toward the goal of ending extreme poverty. In addition, they will recognize and Artist, Business Leader, World Leader as well as the Global Citizen of the Year.”

All the money from NBC and sponsors will go to the production, and into the Global Citizen 501 c3 salaries. None of it will go to poor people.

But they will talk about poor people. Because that’s what Global Citizen does. They talk talk talk about what other people are doing to battle poverty and hunger. Then they take credit for it. Then everyone goes to a good restaurant. (Honestly, I wish I’d thought this up. ) It bewilders me that no one vets this group, they just want to be party of a celebrity scrum.

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