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Global Citizen is back for another concert in Central Park this September.

This is the 501 c3 foundation that spends more money on salaries and rock shows than it does on giving food to the hungry. In fact, they give no food to the hungry. Or money.

But they do spend millions on themselves.

This year their big acts are Queen with Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, and Pharrell.  This year they’ve also got OneRepublic, H.E.R. and Carole King. (I thought Carole was smarter than this.)

For the second year in a row, Global Citizen is not advertising their goodwill ambassador, Chris Martin of Coldplay. Last year he showed up briefly but didn’t perform. This year, again, he isn’t mentioned. Maybe he’s wised up.

Global Citizen is very slow to file their tax returns so right now their last available is from 2015-16. You can read all about them here.

More to come soon.

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