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Here’s some more about the case I’ve been following in Canada’s federal court in Toronto, called the Ontario Superior Court. The story feels like an HBO or Netflix drama, with touches of John Grisham.

Last week, the judge who previously revoked the defendant’s bail in this crazy proceeding issued a decision in which he refused to grant the defendant bail on a charter application. There were clear, flagrant violations of the defendant’s Charter Rights. The defendant had injuries and serious health risks caused to the defendant by the Toronto Police Service.

Most seriously and potentially a criminal act in and of itself, the judge  in his decision, is said to have fabricated evidence of and for the Toronto Police Service to support his decision.

Two people in Canada  can now order the release of the defendant, if they conclude that there has been judicial or prosecutorial and or police misconduct or criminal acts. My sources say they are David Lametti, the Attorney general of Canada, and Carolyn Mulroney the Attorney general of Ontario, whose father was the former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney.

I’ve have seen the evidence in this case and it suggests the complicity of the judge, the prosecutor, and the police. I’m very surprised that things have gotten so out of hand.

It appears that even the evidence of the injury the defendant suffered has been tampered with; and the judge appears to be accepting of this, and that may be the least serious of his acts of abdication of the law.

This will be the last time I get into this case without using names. I’ve done so to the point just to give the government– which they call The Crown– a chance to resolve this matter. But if it doesn’t happen this week, I may have to start presenting the evidence that’s been shown to me. So hold on, and let’s hope for the best.


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