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I’ve  never seen this before. Tell me if I’m wrong.

For her book, “Full Disclosure,” Stormy Daniels asked her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to write a foreword– a Note, it’s called in the book.

Avenatti did so. And on the copyright page of “Full Disclosure,” he registered a separate copyright for his Note. I’ll bet Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford didn’t know or notice at the time. Generally, a foreword or note in a memoir falls under the author’s copyright.

But Avenatti, who we now know from his indictment had steered Daniels’ advance to his own accounts, thought there’d be some money in his inane comments. He thought so little of Daniels he was charging her for his Note!

The very short Note says nothing of value, so I’m not even going to reprint it in full here. It just congratulates Stormy and says how wonderful she is. By then, Avenatti– who is clearly a sociopath– had already ripped her off. He didn’t include that in his Note!

an excerpt:

“Her journey so far has been an amazing one. And we don’t know yet where it ends. My hope for this book is that it will let you learn who Stormy Daniels really is. I am confident that when you do, you will agree that we are all very lucky to have her.”


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