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It’s all about “Avengers” and their “Endgame.”

The Marvel mega pic crossed the $500 million mark in the US last night. It’s already well on its way to $600 million. After just 8 days!

Worldwide including the US, “Endgame” will be past the $2 billion mark on Sunday. Again, in just 8 days.

The march of the Avengers continues unimpeded. This week it will finish at number 1 again, with a slight dent from counter-programmed romcom “The Long Shot.” There are no blockbusters coming next week either except maybe “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” which is a family film. This “Endgame” could go on a long time. The next really big releases are “John Wick 3,” and then “Aladdin.”

Check back tomorrow morning to see the whole “Endgame” damage.

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