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We are wishing pioneer rapper Kurtis Blow all the best today. He posted on Instagram that he’s in UCLA hospital for surgery on his aortic valve. Kurtis had almost the very first rap hit way back with “The Breaks,” still a great record.

Back in fall 2016, Kurtis Walker (his real name) had a previous heart incident. On October 29th, the then legendary 57-year-old rap icon went into cardiac arrest, his pulse stopping for five minutes. He almost died in front of his Woodland Hills, CA home.

He writes now: “To all my friends and family. I am in the hospital at UCLA Medical. I am preparing for an aortic artery repair procedure tomorrow morning. The procedure will stabilize the artery from further damage caused by the hematoma I contacted from my recent travels to China. Dr Kwon is an incredible surgeon with hundreds of these procedures under his belt. I trust that God will use him as a tool of success tomorrow.
Please keep me in prayer. I will see you all soon!!!! Encouraged!!! KB”

Kurtis, take care of yourself!



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