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All boats rose on the super wave of “Endgame.”

As of today, the 23 movie Marvel comics universe movies have made a grand total of $19.9 million. Tomorrow they will cross the $20 billion mark. That’s quite a feat of super heroism.

Second, “Captain Marvel” was the number 2 movie this weekend, with over $8 million. Brie Larson stars as Captain Marvel, and she’s much featured in the new movie, which she actually shot first, before “Endgame.”

Imagine that Larson went from an indie movie no one saw– “Short Term 12”– to being stuck in a room with a little kid — “Room”– to this. Amazing.

“Captain Marvel” itself has made $408 million in the US. It’s moved UP the charts from 5 to 4 to 2 over the last three weeks. When does that happen after a run at number 1? Never. That’s when!

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