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A day before his next hearing, ex-movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has sent a letter to the attorney of one of his accusers asking for evidence he says she has.

Weinstein’s lawyer, Jose Baez, has sent Beth Fegan, attorney for Melissa Thompson, a letter that says:

“Dear Ms. Fegan,
We understand that you may be in possession of evidence relevant to Mr. Harvey Weinstein. We believe this evidence is extremely relevant to our defense. We are making a request for you to voluntarily turn over an email in which we believe that Ms. Melissa Thompson admitted to having a consensual relationship with Mr. Weinstein, to a friend of hers.
We hope that you will provide the email to us or the press so that Mr. Weinstein can be afforded due process in the courts of law as well as public opinion. We trust that you won’t have an objection to this request.”

Thompson had a meeting with Weinstein in 2011 in which she presented an internet business idea. She showed it him on her laptop, which was surreptitiously filming them at the same time. Thompson tells Weinstein: “Data is hot.” She hugs him in a way I’ve never seen anyone do in a business meeting. He seems to put his hand on her thigh, asks for more, and she tells him “not so high.” Is this a business meeting? It looks a clip from a Cinemax midnight movie.

I am NOT defending Weinstein, but readers, tell me what you think. Is this weird, or what?

Thompson left that meeting, made a date to meet Weinstein later at a hotel. She says she was raped, but didn’t file charges or make a complaint because she thought she’d be retaliated against.

This is just the beginning.

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