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MONDAY, 1:50PM: “Medellin” has dropped off the iTunes top 100 after five days.

UPDATE SUNDAY NIGHT: “Medellin” has dropped to number 87 on iTunes top 100. It could be off the chart completely by tomorrow.

Original story: April 19th, 10am: Madonna had a big build up for “Medellin” single this past Wednesday. She premiered it at noon with Zane Lowe on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio like it was the second coming.

The song turned out to be a snooze, written and sung with Colombian Reggaeton star Maluma.

But 1, 2, cha cha cha, “Medellin” failed to catch on. It rose to number 9 on iTunes briefly. and now sits at number 24 32 now number 43 as of 9:45pm Saturday.

On Spotify, “Medellin” has yet to chart on any of the US charts. It’s parked at around number 3o on streaming chart from Colombia.

“Medellin” was supposed to the big lead in for Madonna’s “Madame X” album coming on June 14th. The lack of interest in “Medellin” should be worrying.

Madonna’s last several albums of new songs were all flops. She gave some of them away with concert tickets to inflate sales figures. I have to say, I was surprised “Medellin” was so bad. It was as if she was trying to do Camilla Cabello with “Havana” but wound up on a cruise playing shuffleboard. “Medellin” has no life to it. I can’t imagine that she thought young people were going to be singing along to “1 , 2, cha cha cha.” If she’s smart, she’ll get an upbeat remix out right away.

Meantime, Beyonce’s “Homecoming” album, released the same day, has sold or streamed a total of 43,000 copies in 48 hours.

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