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So Hudson News did buy the National Enquirer, the Globe, and something called the National Examiner. Jimmy Cohen paid David Pecker, publishing’s lone wolf survivor, $100 million for garbage, basically.

Pecker is a genius. I’m not kidding. He unloads lawsuits, federal investigations, and the stink of all the bad juju that comes with the Enquirer. He’s out of the newsprint business.

Pecker can now concentrate on his Wenner mags– US Weekly and Men’s Fitness– plus his Bauer Brands like InStyle and Closer, and his own Star magazine.

Cohen’s Hudson newsstands will now be featuring totally Fake News in every airport, train station, supermarket they can get their hands on. Maybe he can cross pollinate with his wife, Lisa Cohen’s, upscale Galerie Magazine, or his partner Sandow Publications’s Luxe magazine.

And now Pecker has $100 million to on the hunt for more upscale brands himself. He nailed this one, boy. Bravo!

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